Miss World 2012 Beauty with a Purpose

Miss World 2012 Beauty with a Purpose

Perhaps the most relevant or important challenge event of the Miss World 2012 pageant was the Beauty with a Purpose event where each participating delegate have to make a video project of their own charitable work and advocacy in their respective countries. It is the official slogan of the MWO since 1980 which added tests of the individual intelligence and personality of a candidate.

This year among the 117 beauties, the panel of judges have selected the TOP 10 BEAUTY w/ a PURPOSE NOMINEES. The winner will be announced during the live telecast on August 18.

* Australia – Jessica Kahawaty

* England – Charlotte Holmes

* Guatemala – Monique Aparicio

* India – Vanya Mishra

* Indonesia – Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra

* Jamaica – Deanna Robins

* Kenya – Shamim Nabil

* Mexico – Mariana Berumen

* United States – Claudine Book

* Wales – Sophie Moulds

* Miss World 2012 Exclusive Report


"To God be the Glory".