Mrs. US Globe is Kelly Pittman, Mrs. Georgia

Mrs. Georgia, Kelly Pittman from Suwanee was crowned Mrs. US Globe 2010. She will her title until August 2011 when she will crown the next Ms. U.S. Globe. Kelly Pittman will also represent the US at the Mrs. Globe 2010 beauty pageant.

Kelly Pittman stands 5'5" tall, a brunette with hazel eyes. She is a mother of 3 and has been married to her husband Brett for 8 years.

Kelly is the fourth delegate from Georgia to capture the title of Ms. U.S. Globe.

During her year, as the national spokesmodel for WIN, Kelly will be dedicating her year to the Right Living Program, which is the cornerstone program of the WIN Foundation.

kelly pittman georgia mrs usa us globe 2010kelly pittman georgia mrs usa us globe 2010


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